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Our delicately fragrant Apparel Mists are scented using pure essential oils, CO2 Extracts, and blended using naturally derived emulsifiers. A luxurious multi-use product, these mists can be used to freshen up your bed linen, wardrobes, curtains or even clothes. Choose from 2 variants:


Floral Prose smells like a poetry of florals, led by the well-loved, luxurious Indian Jasmine (or Mogra), and followed by subtle notes of Indonesian Patchouli and Caribbean Frangipani, which enhance the top note of Mogra even further. The fresh, flowery and sensual fragrance of Mogra is universally attractive, and brings positivity and delight to the surroundings, and is known to have long-term positive effect on our moods.

Apparel & Bed Linen Mist 100 ml - Floral Prose

₹850.00 Regular Price
₹750.00Sale Price

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