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That time of the month again? You deserve to be pampered! Our Women's Monthly Wellness gift box is just what you need!


Box Inclusions:

 Kashtartava - A special blend of essential oils like Clary sage, Cinnamon, and Saffron; helps in alleviating menstrual cramps and PMS.


Aamodini - Kashmiri Saffron, Pacific Sandalwood, and Arabian Jasmine come together to create a luxurious aroma that is sure to uplift your mood and calm your senses.


Lavender & Shea Cold Processed Soap - Handcrafted with organic oils, butters and Lavender oil, this soap is sure to turn your shower into a spa at home!


Rose Quartz Face Roller - As you roll this face massager on your cheeks, chin and forehead, tense pathways of the face are slowly relaxed and opened to improve lymphatic fluid flow and a release of toxins, resulting in the reduction of facial puffiness and inflammation.

Women's Monthly Wellness Gift Box


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